New Direction! This is my first attempt at poetry in the blog-o-sphere.

Not because he might notice

Not for comfort

Not because she might comment

Not for convenience

Not for what he might expect

Not for playing the part

Not for charity, goodness, or honor

I dressed myself today for my





[A poem written in response to the poetry prompt from RetConPoet]

Artists Needed ~

Every day, I work to bring an artistic vision into reality.  Sometimes it is my own vision that I seek to vivify, but more often than not, it is a shared vision.  This kind of collaborative work can be so much more complicated  than implementing my own vision, but the complexity adds to the richness of the final product.  I’m always happy to work with top-notch architects, designers, painters, landscapers, textile workers (fabricators) and craftsmen on a shared project.  My projects are multi-dimensional, and this requires a fluid sense of leadership and teamwork.  For instance, in my latest ‘grotto’ project, I took inspiration from the architecture of Morroco, but the man who actually put the tiles down was in the lead when it came to implementing the plan.  He told me flat-out, ‘if you use real terra-cotta tile in the bathtub, you’re going to be bathing in mud before long.’  I love that man for being so simple and direct!  He could have just done the tub in terra-cotta (like I’d requested) and avoided conflict in the short term, while laying the foundation for serious problems in the long run.  If he had just told me what I wanted to hear (’cause I really wanted that terra-cotta tub!) I would have suffered for it later.  

So, Dear Followers, I want you to know that I value every kind of creative expression and I could not do my work at all without you.  A photo, a painting, a word, a sculpture, a bookcase, a shoe..the sources of inspiration are endless.  When I view a sculpture, I’m in love with the sculptor.  When I view a photograph, I’m in love with the photographer.  When I read a poem, I’m in love with the poet.  When I view a painting, I’m in love with the painter.  When I view the Universe, I’m in love with the Creator.

How could it be any other way?

If you know of artists who value collaboration, please send them my way!



Interior Design

I’ve been working on a design project lately that really has engaged my creative streak!  It has been a challenge because the owner of the house (a dot-com millionaire) wants the place to have a neo-Roman-gothic feel, but he’s not willing to shell out the money to do it right.  He keeps choosing these fake antiques made of plastic (or who knows what?) and I keep trying to politely tell him that it looks like he’s raided the ‘bazaare’ section at Target.  Seriously, he would be better off bargain-hunting at the flea market! Oh, well.  I guess my job is just to make his vision come alive.  Or maybe I should press the issue a bit more?  He is paying for my expertise, after all.  Anyway, I had a couple strokes of creative genious over the past few weeks; I was able to obtain some wire mesh to make a cave in his sitting room (just off of the foyer) so that it forms a sort of grotto.  I’m hoping we can incorporate some kind of water element, a fountain, for instance, to add that extra flair. Some lights to reflect down onto the water and back up to the ‘roof’ of the cave, maybe?  Nothing more beautiful than light reflecting off of water, in the shadows. 

If any of my readers has ideas to share, by all means, do!  

And if you’d like my input on any of your work, just say the word.  I can be a bit of a know-it-all-busy-body, though, so let me know if you’d rather not have my two cents!

Interior spaces require some finesse to develop.  If you’re looking for a designer with a keen eye and a sophisticated sensibility, you’ve come to the right place.  Feel free to refer your friends.




I heard the word “marvellous” in the news the other day. Some talking head was commenting on how it is not a common word.  Uncommon, yes.  That’s what I’d like to talk about in this blog; all the uncommon thoughts and experiences that float through my little corner of the world.  

Scientists like to think that they “explain” every natural phenomena, but do they really explain it? 

I think not.  All scientists can really do is describe the world around them.  They may be able to describe natural phenomena in great detail, but that doesn’t answer the deeper questions..of how and why all of this  got started in the first place.  

Please visit often and share your thoughts as well!